Секвенирование генома

Research of genetic material on illumina equipment according to the best world standards

Genome sequencing

At CeGat

We are the official Russian representative of Cegat. We offer a wide range of quality services for material research and genome sequencing.
We take full responsibility for the examination, from the receipt of the material and its safe delivery to the laboratory in Germany, until you receive quality results on time.

Laboratory research

About genome sequencing

The cost and timing of the service depends on many factors: type of examination, urgency, quantity and quality of material, coverage, and other things. After the request, we will process the information and can tell you the cost and timing individually for you.
Genome sequencing is performed in a laboratory based in Germany.
In addition to a wide range of genome sequencing services, CeGat conducts research in microbiome analysis, immunology and translational oncology.

Other research

We provide quality test results for your research in a timely manner
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CeGaT advantages
Studies are performed in Germany on illumina equipment
Representatives of Cegat, a leading medical genetics laboratory in Germany and Europe
We will help you from the collection and transportation of the material, to the final results


The NovaSeq 6000 system supports four types of flow cells of different capacities and doubles the number of possible passes, which makes material examination better and more accurate.
Studies are performed on the NovaSeq 6000 sequencer, which is the fastest instrument in terms of the amount of data per unit time (6 Tb in 45 hours), i.e. over 130 Gb per hour and over 2 Gb per minute.
The equipment is operated by qualified specialists.
Stages of work
Leave an application on the site and specify the input data. Within 24 hours we will answer you, ask the necessary questions, and be able to tell you the exact cost and timing of implementation.
If necessary, our specialists come, pick up the material, pack it up and hand it over for delivery. Depending on your task, we ourselves will select the best specialists and the necessary materials for transporting the material to Germany.
Material collection
We send the material to Germany in special containers. We take into account the necessary temperature conditions, the protection of the material and other important points for transportation.
Cegat directly carries out the tests you need on German equipment. We vouch for the quality and speed of all tests and examinations
We give you the result in the form agreed with you in advance.
CeGaT, секвенирование генома
CeGaT, секвенирование генома
Frequently Asked Questions
How long does the research take?
Usually it takes from 5 to 30 working days, depending on the volume and the task at hand.
Can you isolate DNA or RNA from samples yourself?
Yes, we can.
What kind of coverage will I get from sequencing?
It depends on the amount of data (Gb) you want to get from the sequencing. We can use different panels for different tasks so that you get the best price for the best result.
How do I get the samples to you?
We will send a courier to pick up your samples
What kind of data will I get?
We offer two options to choose from - either placing the data on a secure server or delivering the data on a hard drive. For large amounts of data (from 1.2Tb) we recommend using a hard drive only.
Is your company a distributor of CeGat services? What guarantees the quality of the sequencing performed?
CeGat GmbH is a German company, the world leader in gene analysis for a wide range of medical, research and pharmaceutical applications. Quality assurance is defined by the great experience of CeGat team and quality certificates. Algavitapro Ltd. is an official distributor of services in Russia, which allows to guarantee high quality and reliability when performing various complex scientific tasks in the field of next-generation sequencing.
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You can also add information about the research: number of samples, origin, and so on. This will help you speak directly to your case and task when you first call.
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Our vision is to make CeGaT the partner of choice for research institutions and pharmaceutical companies around the globe
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